Encrypt in nodejs and decrypt in php or vice versa

If you are trying to encrypt in php and decrypt in nodejs or vice versa, first thing you need to know is only mcrypt_rijndel_128 is identical with aes-128-cbc. So you must use mcrypt_rijndel_128 for php and aes-128-cbc for nodejs. Crypto module for nodejs provides wide verity of encryption/decryption algorithm. The other thing you should know […]

Scraping – Nodejs Vs Php

One more example of screen scraping using Nodejs and Php. This is more of a benchmark test than example. Task was simple, get all the team names of fantasy premier league from first 200 pages. So there were altogether 200 requests (one request per page) Url for first page was http://fantasy.premierleague.com/my-leagues/303/standings/?ls-page=1 External library used for […]

44 : php not found [zend cli tool error : solved ]

Everything was working fine until I changed my OS to Ubuntu 10.04 from Debian 5.0. I had my lampp installed in /opt. Although lampp was running, zend cli could not find php. I did exactly what the Getting started Tutorial said. Extract zend framework Edit .bashrc file uncomment following line : if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases […]